AQUILA GROUP as an international enterprise, offers comprehensive solutions to its partners through an innovative industrial model – RIC (Rubber Industrial Complex), and aims to deliver great values of the industrial ecosystem.
Our deep roots in the rubber industry date back to the early 21st century. Our strong ability to integrate upstream raw material resources has been the keystone for us to take the lead in terms of raw material costs and tyre quality. Our headquarters and main manufacturing bases are located in Qingdao, China which is the hub of the China rubber industry. Our affiliated companies are widely scattered in Hong Kong, Canada, Australia, UAE and Pakistan.
All of our partners are fully empowered by our industrial ecosystem to grow bigger and stronger. 30% of our employees are localized in overseas countries, 10% have master’s degrees and 15% are tech-savvy engineers. Our business primarily focuses on TBR - these are sold in more than 60 countries worldwide. We are ranked No.1 in the single market by setting an annual sales volume record of 600,000 plus sets of TBR tyres. Moreover, we are a 10-year qualified supplier to overseas military institutions, and the sole Chinese supplier of heavy truck tyres to HINO trucks made in overseas countries.
Every single product rolls out of the most cutting-edge automated production lines to ensure the steady quality, controllability and traceability in the whole process. We undertake 100% X-ray inspection as well as a dynamic balance checkup. These checks guarantee tyre quality. Our unique business model, RIC, truly bridges dealership to partnership. It fully empowers localized partners in strategic ways, constantly delivers the best-selling regular products and customized solutions to special applications. We meet customers’ demands on everything about trucks, spare parts and tyres.
AQUILA GROUP was born to have the ability of innovation and responsibility. It is willing to create values and deliver happiness with like-minded individuals, partners and companies.